Castings Products

Castings Products


EN10213 2 GP240 GH 1.0619 Equivalent to WCB
EN10213 4 GX5 Cr Ni Mo 19-11-2 1.4408 Equivalent to CF8M
EN10213 4 GX5 Cr Ni Mo 19-11-2 1.4581 Equivalent to CF8M
EN10213 4 GX5 Cr Ni Mo 19-10 1.4308 Equivalent to CF8
ASTM A27 Carbon Steel Castings of all Grades for General Engineering Applications
ASTM A128 Austenitic Manganese Steel Castings of all Grades
ASTM A148 High Strength Steel Castings for all Grades for Structural Purposes
ASTM A216 Carbon Steel Castings Suitable for Fusion Welding and for High Temperature Service of all Grades
ASTM A217 Martensitic Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel Castings of All Grades
ASTM A297 Fe-Cr, FE Cr Ni Steel Castings of Grades HR, HK, HT, HU etc
ASTM A351 Austenitic, Austenitic- Ferritic Steel Castings for Pressure containing Parts of all Grades
ASTM A352 Ferritic and Martensitic Steel Castings for Pressure Containing Parts of Grades LCA, LCB, LCC, LC9, CA6NM etc
ASTM A38 Alloy Steel Casting Specially Heat Treated Grades –C23, C24
ASTM A487 Steel Castings for Pressure parts of all Grades
ASTM A494 Nickel and Nickel Alloy Castings for Pressure Containing Parts such as M35-1, M35-2, CW6M, N7M, CZ-100 etc
ASTM A747    Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel Castings such as CB7Cu-1, CB7Cu-2
ASTM A757 Ferritic and Martensitic Stainless Steel Castings of all  Grades

Certification and Approvals

We have obtained ISO 9001 certification for quality and are aspiring for TUV NORD certification ISO, PED/ISO 9001:2002 certifications for quality in the days to come.


Dimensions of the Castings

MF Fast Loop Line – 1000mm x 1000mm x 400mm Hand Moulding – Castings of any Geometric size.

Weight Range

MF Fast Loop Line: 350 Kgs Max Hand Moulding : 1200 Kgs on Valve & Pump Castings. 1800 Kgs on Engineering Castings.


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