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EXPERIENCE: Minimum 3 years in finance branch and in pump , motor, valve or fluid management solutions industry
Qualification : Master’s degree specializing in accounting or finance.
Job Description :

Responsible for the filing of all federal taxes and periodic returns to the govt bodies / other authorised departments.

To be in charge of all compliance related issues. Periodic monitoring and reporting to Head office and concerned heads.

Working in close co-ordination with CPA firm for both day to day operations and year end statutory / tax audit.

Preparing a detailed annual budget and quarterly review of the same and reporting to HO.

Preparing the cash flow and working capital requirements on a monthly basis

Co-ordinating with the banks for all Working capital related issues and ensuring all formalities pertaining to such loans is met / adhered tgo.

Ensuring the overall receivables and payables of the firm is within the targets set and taking/suggesting appropriate measures to arrest deviations if any.

Monthly review of Bank reconciliation statement

Monthly submission of Profit / loss a/c , balance sheet and other ageing reports ( Inventory / debtors / creditors ageing ) to HO

Periodic stock audit / internal audit to be undertaken as per the guidance of HO & reporting of such audit findings.

Petty cash handling and monitoring

Accounts Payable – Payment to Suppliers. Ensuring that payments are made as per the initial purchase order and negotiating for best prices where-ever possible.

Providing MIS Reports to National Operational Manager

Traveling Expenses Monitoring and Reporting

Pricing and costing, administration and management.

Price List Updating for Billing

Master Creation in Software for new accounts against Credit Application

Outstanding Follow up & Bad debts monitoring

Expenses Control and Reporting

Follow up with Government bodies

On time payment of Monthly bills like, Electricity Bills, Telephone bills and others

Entire Workforce Attendance and HR related works

Preparing Interview Letter and Appointment orders

Employee Appraisal up-dation.

** Any previous experience working with Microsoft AX will be an added bonus.

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Apply Online

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